Why It’s Important To Have Cats On A Farm!

Why It’s Important To Have Cats On A Farm!

Many people don’t understand why having a few cats may be important, especially on a farm. Some people prefer to own dogs more than cats, and some individuals may like cats better. But there were times when people would say that cats are lazy and carry a lot of flees, while at the same time saying that it’s easier to train a dog than you can a cat, and dogs can be your best friend. A lot of people find reasons as to why they don’t want any cats around. But one thing people don’t realize is that having cats can be great sometimes. Why? Because cats can keep the mice and rat population down when living on a farm.

Most people do not like rodents because they can get into your house and get in your food, even if it’s stored away in boxes and bags or if you put it on a high shelf. Mice can be destructive in many ways. For instance, they would rip their way through different bags of food for your livestock, like chicken feed or goat feed, and they might tear through packs of tissue or other soft materials so they could nest in them. Because of all the things some farms provide for rodents is why they can breed so efficiently. But our family has had cats on our farms for many years, and the mice have decreased frequently here.

For a while, our family only wanted cats as pets because they are nice and incredibly cute. Then we started to keep more than five cats, so we decided to get rid of most of them because we felt like we had too many. But one day, we started to notice how many rodents our cats were catching every week to eat as food. So things became much easier because we didn’t have to feed them cat food often, and they were maintaining the rodent population. Of course, we don’t recommend that you own a lot of cats on your farm, but at least one or two cats would suffice.

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